Plork Press is hard at work making our Love Confessions chapbook!


Handbound Leather Longstitch Journal with Watercolor Detail by Kitty Cat Stevens:

"I made this book for a friend’s mom, who is a painter. The cover is completely upcycled from a secondhand leather skirt! The strap is actually the old waistband of the skirt— can you tell? 

Secondhand leather. Watercolor. Hand-torn pages. This book is very “Kitty Cat Stevens.” It’s a huge amalgamation of pretty much everything I’ve learned about bookbinding. Like when you think about it, this book took me six years to make. I’ll just let that sink in.” Read More » 


This open back book is filled with about 120 off white pages and is made with thick nature cord, it is sewn with green linen cord and has hand marbled paper on the cover made to look like wood grains in an emerald green shade.

It is waiting for someone to fill its pages :)


Brown Recycle Paper

Black Paper

Off-white paper


Book of Making

Mirror Mirror on The Wall

Nimloth of Eressea


Book of Ages


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